7 Pro Tips To Achieve Greatness

We live in a world where everyone is trying to be at the top level. Everybody wants to be the BEST, to be known by people, and to be respected. Most people don’t care what it requires to make them great. It takes a lot from you to be great.

If you want to be in the 1% You cannot follow the 99%.

The maximum successful people were initially not from luxurious families. They were either born POOR or in a middle-class family. They acquired their current lifestyle through incredible hard work, sacrifices, and dedication. They sacrificed their sleep, and their comfort zone and gave the highest effort to reach their mission. Now they are taking the yield of their efforts and sacrifice.

I want to share an interesting story of the fastest man alive on earth. He is none other than Usain Bolt who took 9.58 seconds to complete 100 meters and broke the world record of being the ‘fastest man’. But nobody cares what efforts he put on into it. Does anybody care how many hours he practices daily? He practices 90 minutes or 1.5 hours per day in the gym. He worked out 6 days per week and 11 months per year. He trained himself for the past 20 years to achieve this greatness which is almost 1.14 years of fully trained without any break.

He was just a normal person like you and me. What makes him so great? His determination pushed him to wake up early in the daybreak and go for practice. His desire to be a great one motivated him and made him consistent in his work. Apart from this, he was very much dedicated and disciplined. So in short, can we call ‘greatness’ a product of hard work, consistency, discipline, and strong determination?

Discipline is the process of maintaining yourself to continuously keep on chasing your determination.

We all want to be great. The thing is — are we following all the necessary principles required to build us great? To be a great person is not about luck or coincidence, it is by the procedure one follows. There are some fundamental ideologies for achieving greatness.

Below I am sharing the 7 Highly Effective Principles for Greatness.

1. Read Books and Acquire Knowledge Continuously.

A.P.J Abdul Kalam, the MISSILE MAN of India was once asked by a small boy about the SECRET OF HIS GREATNESS. Kalam was surprised by THIS question. Kalam then told the young boy to acquire knowledge continuously.

There is a deep connotation behind this simple instruction. We often heard people saying- knowledge is not equal to greatness. It’s a fact! But let’s look genuinely and examine the life of great people. We can verify that knowledge is very much important for achieving greatness in one’s life.

Knowledge is Power. Knowledge will give you the philosophy to differentiate between decent and corruption.

There is a vast ocean of discrepancies between the NOTION of great people and that of common people. What determines THOSE views? It is knowledge! Knowledge is but an aspect of information. And this information teaches a person all the necessary notion and change the way he/she perceive and discern.

How do you acquire knowledge? The easiest way is by reading books.

I have read multiple books in the past. It was my habit of buying books when I was out with my parents in the market. I have numerous general knowledge books, encyclopedias, short stories, and science-fictional books. In the past two years, I have also read some of the top-selling books across the globe.

Here is a list of my favorite books-

  • How to win friends and influence people.
  • Think and Grow Rich.
  • The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Apart from those I also read multiple pdf, and Wikipedia pages, watch TED programs, listen to podcasts, read ebooks, and to add more I have several mobile apps about personality development, negotiations, and communication skills. (You can call me an avid reader). Why read books? OUR first principle to achieve greatness is to acquire knowledge. The best way of acquiring knowledge is by reading books.

Do you also love reading? You should! It is the only way to grow and change your viewpoint. What comes about when you read books? Dan Lok, who is one of my favorite Millionaires said that reading books is the easiest way to acquire decade-long researched ideas. When you read a book you are getting information and ideas researched by the author for several years. Why not grab this opportunity?

Readers are leaders and leaders are readers.

Bill Gates, one of the wealthiest men on earth reads 50 books per year. An average billionaire reads about 17 books per year. Dan Lok who has a net worth of over $100 million spends most of his TIME reading books. Elon Musk read 10 hours per day.

There is no comparison between readers and non-readers.

Reading books will discipline you. You acquire knowledge by reading books. You become educated and well-mannered. New ideas and new thoughts will start springing up into your mind. You will learn how to simplify things, solve and react to things around you, that is why reading is necessary if you want to be great.

Where to begin? Start reading about the lifestyles of great personalities and read books for personality development. Read everyday!

2. You Must Have a Goal.

The GOALS are like the north pole star OR a compass. It guides you to the right path.

The GOAL is a FIXED objective. Say you want to earn $100 this week, it’s one of a GOAL. Can you sense the benefit of having a goal? When you plan a goal you prepare for it, you plan for it and you focus on it. Say you want to be a millionaire by the age of 30. The first thing you do is to make important plans for it. Preparing is planning certain STEPS that are necessary to reach the GOAL.

A common person with a goal can do a lot more than a genius person with no goal.

Setting up GOALS will help you to procure more details on the essential steps to reach that goal. It will help you to simplify the task and break it down into smaller tasks. It is the same way you play a game starting from beginner to pro. Each LEVEL will prepare you for the NEXT level. So this SUMS UP that every level is needed for the next one.

Having goals and objectives are common among successful people. This is one of the most important factors that determined their SUCCESS. EVER heard the saying, ‘A person without a goal is like a ship without a rudder?’ Setting up SPECIFIC goals will give you clear and more concise ideas to make necessary planning to reach your destiny.

A person without a goal is like a ship without a rudder in the high oceans.

3. Be Consistent With Your Works.

Consistency is nothing but focusing on your work daily. Consistency will help you to stick to working to reach your goal. It is like keeping the same motivation without losing hope even if you have failed multiple times.

Consistency is like watering a plant. It helps you to keep yourself motivated.

You won’t be able to stick to your work without being consistent. You might have heard saying — working consistently for 6 months can put a person 7 years ahead of others. If there is anything secret for getting success it is being consistent with your work.

4. Take Enough Experiences.

You never fail, you just get experience.

Experience is a reminder. It helps you to prepare better the next time. Experience will help you to make a better strategy and with more sophisticated planning. Take enough experience to prepare yourself better the next time. Nobody has ever failed. We called it learning with experience.

You fail only when you give up. Otherwise, it can be called experience.

Experience is an important part of learning. It gives you more confidence. It gives you more information to focus on your strength and weaknesses. An experienced person can do a lot better than an inexperienced person. Most successful people have faced failure initially. They necessarily didn’t take it as a failure but as an experience. Thus they were able to make better planning and a better strategy.

Experiences are a form of clue that will help us to build a more sophisticated strategy and better planning to handle situations next time.

5. Have Patience.

The day you planted a tree is not the day that you will enjoy the fruit.

Greatness takes time. It takes longer than you think. You won’t succeed or be a great person the day you made a goal or decision. It takes years and years to be great. Great people have one thing in common and it’s their patience. They were all born as a teenager but with due time through dedication, patience, and hard work they have reached their level.

To be great is not easy. It takes a lot of time, years of hard work, and years of learning.

Ever heard this saying Rome was not built in a day? The exact code goes for achieving greatness. It is not EASY. You need to make changes starting from the atomic level. You have to change your mindset. You have to change your beliefs, your personality, and your lifestyle. And patience is a must for this process. Without patience, achieving greatness is in vain.

Patience is nothing but constantly working without losing hope.

You will have to face a lot of obstacles, problems, pain, and struggle. But before you give up, remember why you started in the first place. Sometimes there might be a situation where you will lose hope. You might not be able to find the way out. Your special person will leave you at that time. Your parents are sick. You don’t have enough finances to back them up. But trust me, nothing is permanent. So in your days of trouble remember that your problems are not permanent and your current situation is not the final one.

In your miserable circumstance don’t lose hope.

Don’t lose hope. Believe yourself. Trust yourself. Meditate and strengthen yourself. Be prepared and watch out closely. Today is tough, tomorrow may be tougher but the other day will be better. Remember it takes time to be great. Problems are nothing but just an examination to determine your potential and to make you stronger.

6. Chose Your Friends Carefully.

Show me your friends and I will show you your future.

Probably you might have heard many successful people, millionaires, and billionaires saying-- Show me your friends and I will tell you your future. What does it mean? Certainly, there must be some deep connection behind this. Friends circle has a profound relationship with what you will be in the future.

A good friend can change your life but a bad one can completely ruin your life.

Your friend circle will decide your mindset. And mindset is nothing but a philosophy which I will discuss in number 7. What are the things that are likely to he affected by friends? Ninety-five percent of your thoughts are likely to be affected by the attitude of your favorite friend. It is of immense significance to choose your friends wisely, especially the special and favorite ones. The attitude of your special friends is likely to be more affecting than that of normal friends.

Socializing with the person whom you like will have an immense effect on your attitude. Take, for example, you admire your best friend very much. He is a fan of the Nike Brand. And you saw him wearing a Nike-branded suit. There is a maximum possibility of your mindset admiring Nike. You’ll be tempted to choose Nike products next time. Why does it happen? The person you admire the most has the possibility of delivering an unparallel and supreme impact on you.

Choose your friends wisely, especially the one who is closest to you.

7. Have a successful Mindset.

Last but not least. Mindset is nothing but your viewpoint. It is the way how you view, how you think, and how you act. A person with a poor mindset will always be poor, rich mindset will make you rich and in the same way, having a great mindset will make you great.

Mindset is nothing but your viewpoint. It is the flash of perception.

What will be the first plan for people with poor mindsets if they receive $1 Million? It would be buying houses, new dresses, new cars and what more? The rich mindset is different. They will at first invest at least 20℅ of the $1 Million. Then they will buy as many assets as possible. They will hardly try to go for buying liabilities. That is why the rich are always rich and the poor are always poor. A poor person can never become rich unless they change their mindset.

To be great you too must have a great mindset. Think great, dream great and live great. This is the mindset that is necessary if you want to be great. Mindset is like a mirror through which you can see your future reflection. Great people like Mark Zukerberg, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Robert Kiyosaki, Dan Lok, and several other successful people have one thing in common. They all have the same mindset.

How do you build a great mindset? It’s by reading the lifestyle of great people, by practicing over and over again, and teaching your subconscious mind. You must focus deeply, you must be willing to change and you must be enjoying the process then it will be possible. Because the very word “Impossible” is “I’m possible”.

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